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My name is Robert Boyer and I live in Encinitas, CA USA which is on the Southern CA coastline. It is a very health oriented community. There are quite a few yoga centers, natural health practitioners, health food stores and restaurants and people exercising daily along the ocean.

Things I appreciate are meditation, yoga, watching good movies and listening to classical new age music, positive affirmations, surfing, tennis, walking along the beach, health foods, nutritional supplements, studying a few good books, creating movies, designing websites, volunteer church service and developing Swamis World and building my HBNaturals home business.

Swamis World is a website which offers highlights of Swamis Point and the community where it is located in Encinitas, CA USA.

If you would like to join with me in developing your own HBNaturals home business and obtain a $10,000 or more longterm monthly income by just learning how to effectively refer just 2 others, who agree to do the same and thereby achieve level by level downline duplication, fill in the form by clicking get started in the menu above.

Anthony Robbins mentions that he feels everyone should have a home business which is in addition to their main vocation. I feel this is a good idea because in the process of developing a home business we have the opportunity to help a few others to improve their lives and provide them with ongoing if everyone did this it would be a much better world.

Looking forward to the possibility for helping you design a directory listing at Swamis World for your current business and/or helping you develop your own Health and Body Naturals home business. 


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