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Sponsor just 3 others who join under you in multiple homebiz income streams

Follow the Instructions below....

Are you ready to help yourself and a few others to improve your health and income by giving yourself the capability for being able to obtain steady level by level downline duplication, in multiple homebiz income opportunities, by simply refering 3 others like yourself, who agree to do the same?

This can take place for you by simply agreeing to join at least the first 5 home business companies listed below under me and then committing to sponsor and always maintain at least 3 other like minded members, who also join the first 5 companies listed below, under you in your downline, who you teach this same plan and who also agree to do the same. 

Another essential benefit of operating your own income diversification system, is that if one or more companies or even your upline were to go out of business, because you operate your own custom system, which is hosted on the longterm reliable Mighty Giant marketing platform, your combined income streams will remain consistent!!

You can also add your other existing opportunities below.

If you are already a member of some of these opportunities, then there is no need to join again, just enter your existing urls on your page, which I will help you to quickly create, when you follow the instructions below. 

Can you do it? Do you believe you can find 3 others that want to improve their health and appreciate this level of simplicity for obtaining income diversification security?

To succeed you must be willing to consistently promote your own "Join With Your Name" personal income diversification system presentation page, like this one, for as long as it takes until you have sponsored and always maintain, at least 3
minded downline members, who also agree to do the same and agree that you will share and teach this plan with your personally sponsored and commit to providing ongoing support using Telegram or Facebook messenger.

If you would like to obtain a variety of health oriented products for free, paid for by commissions and Income diversification security, plus achieve level by level downline duplication in multiple income streams, with just one downline and agree to the above guidelines, then I look forward to welcoming you to my team.

Follow the steps below when you are ready!

Remember you only need 3 duplicators who remain focused until they have an unstoppable duplicating downline!

To be successful, part of your job is to take the time to patiently understand how you will be able to rely upon your 3 to also do their job, which I will help you to do by providing ongoing support so that you will gain confidence and understand that anyone can do this IF they believe they can and remain consistent. 

Do you agree? If Yes...follow these steps to get started

Step 1: Communicate by sending me a Facebook Messenger message and join my Telegram Messenger channel and leave a message with "Yes I agree to follow "Join With Robert's Plan".
( Special Note: Before sending, please make sure that you really are committed for the longterm to remain focused and follow this simple plan.) ( You are also welcome to join any opportunity below without participating in this Simply Get 3 Plan. )

Step 2:  Obtain a Mighty Giant presentation website, lead capture page creator and unlimited autoresponder system, like this one you on now.

The Mighty Giant

Over 1 million dollars went in to creating this system, so it is here for the longterm and you can count on it, as your primary longterm autoresponder system. Good to take note also that members receive the ability to have unlimited contacts in their contact manager for no additional cost, which is not what most other systems charge!are on now, for just $12.95 a month and I will help you get setup quickly.

As an additional option you may want to subscribe to the $10 upgrade at  NetSolutionsPro as for this economical cost they include a wide variety of tools including unlimited lead capture page with video background creator!! 

Step 3: Join the first 5 opportunities listed below. When customizing your own system, replace my urls with yours and make sure to leave the first opportunity #1,#2 and #3 listed below in the same position at the top. After you join opportunity #4 and #5 you can then have the option to replace opportunity #4 and #5 with any of your other pre existing opportunities. 

In this way all future downline will all join the first 3 companies and lower level by level downline duplication will occur throughout all 
of our downlines in those companies PLUS you will have new members joining your other 2 opportunities which you have listed as opportunity #4 and #5. 

You can then also add your other existing services, products and opportunities to your list and place them under the first 5 opportunities listed below, when creating your personal presentation system. 

Step 4: Give your personal income diversification presentation system a name. It could be as simple as "Join With Your Name" or whatever you want to name it, as it is your business. You are in complete control as no upline generic marketing system, which may go out of business as sooner or later many have in the past, can affect your success because you operate your own personal marketing system, unique to you.    

Step 5: Remain consistent promoting your income diversification presentation system website  for as long as it takes, until you have sponsored and always maintain at least 3 active, like minded downline members, who agree to do the same. 

Step 6: Provide ongoing support using Facebook messenger and Telegram messenger and teach your downline to follow this same simple plan.

As an may also want to work on creating your own training videos like mine at Robert's HomeBiz Training TV and creating your own facebook page. This way you are promoting and branding yourself in addition to your presentation website system for income diversification simplicity and security.                                           

Ask me If you need help and we will get your system setup quickly.

Here are the companies to join 

1.  GoFounders This is just the name of site where you can signup for a limited time to become a founder of a future company which will become a global giant and has been compared to a future google of marketing. To give an example of how large this company will be the owner mentions he has hired about 30 to 50 webdesigners to work full time on this project! Currently there are over 100 staff with offices in Florida and India.

The cost will start at a one time $25 which enters you into the 3x matrix payplan and has several additional upgrade levels which include more of their services. One of their services include the ability to have them send promotional emails for you to promote any business, that go to their global leads database, which can be targeted for any niche.  

Once this has launched I will be using it to build multiple home businesses on autopilot as they promote each one separately for me and will do so for you too!!!

Heart and Body Naturals - Join Free - then upgrade and maintain your paid position in the 2x17 dual matrix HBNaturals Superfood Powderspayplan set your autoship to pay at least around $60 per month for any product purchase which has a 50 pv. This will qualify you for daily and monthly commissions and maintain your downline placement position. Your position will still remain if you do not make a purchase by the end of each month, however your downline will roll up above you.

Special Sponsor Note: I currently have about 3800 downline in HBNaturals and it is a longterm reliable company. We are paid upon request direct to our personal HBNaturals debit card, so your commissions are ready to spend at any atm or local store right away!! 

Join free - then setup monthly autoship. 

3.  ShopFreeMart - Join Free and purchase anytime. Advanced natural nutritional and health maintenance formulas and new car program. Even free members who do not make a purchase receive commissions through 9 downline levels each time a downline member makes a purchase.

  • Vitalize
  • ShopFreeMart Anti-Radiation Sticker
  • ShopFreeMart New Car Program       

4. Godesana - This is a separate sister company of HBNaturals with the same management and commissionsGoDesana Essential Oils are paid in both companies direct to your personal debit card which is included free as member of these companies.

Signup for a free lifetime position into the 3x7 matrix and then choose one of the several autoship upgrade options in order to qualify for commissions. GoDesana offers a wide variety of essential oils and other natural health products. 

You are also welcome to join anyone of my opportunities by itself , however I would prefer if you become one of my team leaders and at least join all 5 of the first opportunities listed above. 

Good to take note that amazing at it may seem....all of these companies can be built separately or through your own system like mine....on autopilot using the OnPassive system listed above.

If you remain consistent and never quit sending this simple plan to prospects each will attract and sponsor at least 3 other like minded networkers who are tired of going from company to company and trying to build a separate level by level duplicating downline in each one.....who also have the determination and faith to build secure income diversification.

Our results follow what we think.....can you do this? Can you sponsor 3 who you can rely upon to also do the same? Affirm and believe it everyday....gradually even if at first you dont really feel the reality that YES YOU CAN DO IT......refuse to believe otherwise and sooner or later for those who stay focused, committed for however long it takes....who never quit.....there is no place for failure to will find and sponsor at least 3 like minded networkers who duplicate!  

Remember this is only need to find 3 duplicators who agree to do the same that you can rely upon and most of your job is done for achieving level by level duplication and larger incomes at the lower levels of your downline! 
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Looking forward to helping you build your team!